Marketing Builder


Marketing of a new token is a multi-faceted and unending endeavour. Each stage—pre-launch, launch, and post-launch—plays a critical role and demands targeted marketing strategies. Marketing Builder offers solutions tailored to each of these phases:

  1. Pre-Launch: Build awareness by establishing an online presence, creating community engagement, and initiating discussions about the project's value and innovation​​​​.

  2. Launch Phase: Generate excitement with targeted marketing campaigns, influencer collaborations, and strategic announcements to capture investor interest​​.

  3. Post-Launch (First Year): Support early investors by meeting product milestones, maintaining transparent communication, and continuing marketing efforts to sustain interest and trust​​​​.

  4. Ongoing Engagement: Keep the community engaged with regular updates, continuous marketing efforts, and new initiatives to attract new users and retain current investors​​.

Social Media


Marketing Builder offers a dynamic approach to enhancing your project's visibility and engagement on Twitter. Here's how it can empower your strategy:

  • Data-Driven Insights: Leveraging comprehensive analyses of tweets from leading crypto projects to understand what captures the crypto audience's attention.

  • AI-Powered Content Creation: Utilizing the GPT-4 API, our system crafts tweets that resonate with the crypto community's specific language and interests. This ensures content is not only relevant but also engaging.

  • Personalized Marketing Messages: As you interact with our platform, Marketing Builder learns about your project's unique aspects. This enables the creation of customized marketing content that truly reflects your project's voice and goals.

  • Strategic Content Guidance: By analyzing successful patterns and strategies from top crypto companies, Marketing Builder provides actionable recommendations on the types of tweets that are likely to perform well, helping you to plan your social media strategy more effectively.

This approach ensures that your project leverages cutting-edge AI technology and valuable market insights to maximize your Twitter engagement and reach.

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