Why TokenBuilder

In the complex world of crypto and Web3, launching a new utility token can be a daunting task. Builders now face the crucial decision of applying to traditional launchpads or exploring alternative routes. Traditional launchpads accept less than 1% of applications on average, meaning only 1 in 100 builders gets the chance to receive the necessary support and resources to mature their Web3 idea and, hopefully, find product-market fit.

We believe crypto should be a space where everyone has a fair opportunity to bring their solution to market. Liquidity Bootstrapping Pools (LBPs) offer an alternative token launch mechanism where the price starts high to deter sniper bots and whales from manipulating the price. Users can engage in public price discovery until the end of the LBP, deciding freely when to enter or exit. LBPs create conditions for equitable and transparent token distribution and price discovery.

Our mission is to improve the quality and success rate of Web3 projects and their token issuances. To achieve this at scale, we equip emerging projects with the necessary knowledge and tools. AI plays a crucial role, enabling us to provide scalable support and solutions, assisting projects over the coming years.

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