The TBAI Token

TBAI is the native utility token of the TokenBuilder Platform, serving as the primary means to incentivize participants, qualify for staking rewards, and enable participation in the platform's AI model training. TBAI token is not just a currency, but an essential part of the system that powers our TokenBuilder platform and it's AI ecosystem.

AI Training

Earn TBAI by participating in the platform’s AI training tasks. It's a concept where users can directly contribute to TokenBuilder AI-Agent's development by providing data and feedback for the AI dataset. This mechanism enhances the capabilities of our AI-Agents and the users that provide data are rewarded with TBAI tokens.


A percentages of the fees generated by the platform are sent to the "staking reward pool". By staking your $TBAI you can earn rewards from the pool. Also during early phase a portion of the TBAI supply is used to boost the rewards for early stakers.

Staking for Airdrops

Our clients can commit a small percentage of their total token supply to TBAI stakers to accelerate their ecosystem growth.

Platform Payments

Enjoy better deals by making payments with TBAI.

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